After the Fact?

Chapter 2

The Disinformation Society

Somewhere, deep down, most of us are aware that we are utterly surrounded by untruths; that there are lies, fictions and false beliefs everywhere; that the world as we know it requires a bending of the truth in order to keep turning.

But where does all this bullshit come from? Well, bullshit products that we know don't work are being offered to us from every direction. Meanwhile, most of us are incorporated into some degree of participation in the systems that are against our own rational interests, meaning a degree of cognitive dissonance is needed to deal with the inconsistency.

Heavily marketised cultures mean that we are often placed in a position of overstating our knowledge about the world, while significant numbers of people are always trying to mislead each other to get the best possible deal.

In short, a market-driven society is a bullshit society.

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